My new mini recipe e-book + Giveaway!

Devour! 5 Gluten-Free Recipes for Your Sweet Tooth Cover

So…I made another mini recipe e-book and, this is the cover. Wahoo! Lol

This time the digital book has my top five recipes in it for the following sweets: cookies, brownies, crisp, kettle corn and cobbler! All simple to make, gluten-free and most importantly, delicious. They are new recipes that haven’t been posted to the blog.

As my favorites, I’ve made these desserts/sweet snacks multiple times and shared them with my husband and other family members. Some were pretty surprised when I told them that they were gluten-free. I’ve also gotten requests to make them again (specifically the crisp, and the brownies) to bring to get-togethers.

The e-book isn’t out yet because, before I release it for sale I want to give away a copy to one of you. :)

To enter for a chance to win it, you must:
1. Be at least 18 years of age.
2.Be a Reader of/Subscriber to (before 3-27-15).
3. Leave a comment on this post.

This giveaway is open to U.S., Canada and International MM readers. It will close on April 1, 2015 (3:00PM Central Standard Time). A winner will be chosen at random and sent a copy of the digital book via email, so be sure to use a good email address when commenting. Thanks for entering and good luck!

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Dang it Holden! You’re so annoying, yet so authentic.

The Catcher in the Rye Book

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Book.

I didn’t enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed theorizing it. Lol

Not to mention, my intrigue as I read articles about the author’s reclusive lifestyle and, the randomness of this book being connected to the assassination of John Lennon! Just wild.

I won’t give away too much. If you haven’t read the book, here’s the gist:
The Catcher in the Rye is about a teenage boy (17-years-old?) who gets kicked out of a prestigious school and avoids (immediately) going home to tell his parents. He goes off to New York instead, meets all kinds of people from different walks of life and shares his interactions with them, as well as his personal thoughts about them.

This was my first time reading this book.

Spoilers ahead! Stop reading now if you want to read this story yourself.

Keep reading and feel free to chime in with your thoughts if you read the book. I’d be interested to know what you think/thought of it.

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Homemade seasoned salt.

Spices to make seasoning salt

Homemade Seasoning Salt

One day I was making this for dinner and, I didn’t have any seasoned salt.

Who feels like going to the grocery store after just coming from a grocery store? I sure didn’t. So, I took to Google and guess what I found? A friggin’ recipe for seasoned salt! Lol

What isn’t online these days?

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Read & watched.

Why Have Kids

Why have Kids?: A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness, by Jessica Valenti.
This didn’t really answer the (title) question. Lots of boring statistics and factual information, and babbling around the positives & negatives. Wouldn’t recommend.

Contagious Why Things Catch On

Contagious: Why things catch on, by Jonah Berger.
Quick read. Good points and reasonings behind how/why things catch on and ‘go viral’ online. I’d recommend for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are somewhat new to social media and online marketing.

The Catcher in the Rye Book

The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger.
This killed me. It really did. Lol
Seriously. This book annoyed me but, I couldn’t put it down. Will do a separate blog post about it later.

The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand.
I didn’t get very far in this one, although I really wanted to. I was intrigued by Rand’s objectivism ideas and couldn’t wait to get swept into a nice, long, fictional tale to uncover some hidden morals in the end. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see/read beyond the thick (moral) representation of lead characters to simply enjoy them as characters. Eh…maybe one day I’ll give it another chance?


As far as movies go, off the top of my head, I’ve seen and enjoyed Gone Girl, and Birdman. Well, I actually felt a couple different emotions about Birdman, being a creative type person living in this digital age. I read Gone Girl. I think the movie was on par with the book. Have you seen either movie?

On TV, I’ve watched the latest season of Downton Abbey. I’m sad at the overall feeling on the show of “times changing” and the show coming to a close. I think it’s only going for one more season? The Walking Dead, Empire, and House of Cards are also on my watch list. I’m uber late but, I just started watching The Sopranos. Bada-bing! Lol

What have you been reading & watching?


Vodou Exhibit

Vodou Exhibit 1

My husband wanted to see “Vodou” at the Field Museum, and I did too. So, we went.

It was a pretty cool experience, learning about the Vodou of Haiti and seeing all the many different representations of lwa (spirits).

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Thank you.

Just want to say thank you for reading my blog! Whether you just found MM yesterday, been here awhile or since the beginning (approaching year five now, wow), know that I appreciate you. :)

And thanks to everyone who endorsed me on Linkedin!

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