Which OITNB character are you?

Miss Claudette

Do you watch Orange is the New Black?

If not, Orange is the New Black (aka OITNB) is a television show about women in prison, their unique personalities and personal stories. Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix. The show has become pretty popular.

When I was a kid, watching cartoons and stuff with my siblings, we’d yell out which characters we were at the TV. Lol I was Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Eleanor – you know, Theodore’s girlfriend – from Alvin & The Chipmunks, and Cherie from Punky Brewster. Until that episode where she got trapped in the refrigerator because, Punky & friends were playing Hide & Seek. But, anyway…

Today, there’s a more certified way to go about this. Lol Online quizzes!

According to this quiz, I’m Miss Claudette from Orange is the New Black! Which character are you?

Feeling compelled to choose between two different answers on a few questions, I took the quiz a second time and got Morello.

I think I’m a mix of these two characters. Stern, but actually really sweet. Ya know?

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