Clear Eyebrow Gel: Before & After.

Before Clear Eyebrow Gel

After Clear Eyebrow Gel

Clear brow gel (previously mentioned here) holds the little hairs in place all day and makes my eyebrows look a little neater. Unless, of course, I rub them, for whatever reason. Then they look regular again.

If you’re new to brow grooming, I’d recommend a clear gel. Tweezerman’s Mousse used to be my favorite, but I haven’t seen it in any beauty stores in awhile. If you’re not new to brow grooming, can you recommend me a brand that doesn’t turn cloudy-looking after being open for a few weeks?

If you’re married, do you only watch certain TV shows with your spouse?

Couple Watching TV_Illustration by Garrett Kellogg

Ever “cheat” and watch an episode solo? Is there a show your better half won’t watch with you, or vice versa?

Illustration Credit: Garrett Kellogg.

Cuban Black Bean Salad.

Cuban Black Bean Salad Recipe

This is a very refreshing salad. The creaminess of the black beans mixed with the crunch & punch of sweet red and yellow peppers, and the light touch of garlic, fresh cilantro and lime juice in the dressing…Yummy!

I was surprised. Didn’t expect to like cold beans.

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The Ruby Woo Lipstick Giveaway Winner is…


…Sing! Yay!

Sing, I’ve just sent you an email. Please reply back as soon as possible (by 4-19-14) to claim your prize, or another winner will have to be selected. Thank you.

Thanks for entering everybody! I know how popular this lipstick is, and I’d love to give more chances to win a tube of it in the future.

New Find: Muubaa Leather Jacket.

Muubaa Leather Jacket

A bike for a biker. I traded my bicycle in for a leather biker jacket. Well, not really.

After learning how to ride a bike (for the first time) almost 3 years ago and coming down from the euphoria of accomplishment, my new bike pretty much sat in the storage closet. I wasn’t riding it as much as I thought I would. I’d lost interest; and honestly, every time I got back on after not being on in a long time, it felt like the first time all over again. The only difference was it no longer felt like an adventure. I hated that.

Last year, my Husband was in the market for a new bike. I told him he could trade mine in to help cut down on the cost of his new one. He told me the money spent was mine since the bike was a gift.

Now, I finally have what I’ve been searching & waiting for for a long time. A brand new, soft & supple leather, asymmetrical zip, bad-ass biker jacket.

Watch Out There Now! Lol

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Citrus Spice Chicken.

citrus spice marinade chicken recipe

Mild citrus flavors from the orange and lime juice marinade. Warm, slightly sweet mix of spices with cumin, ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg…

I was hesitant to try this recipe, because I naturally link cinnamon & nutmeg to sweets and baked goods. Unless, there’s a Christmas ham involved.

Since it was too cold outside to grill, I cranked the oven up to 425 degrees to get a bit of char on this baked chicken.

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Birth Order & Personality? Currently Reading: The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler.

The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler

According to The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler: A Systematic Presentation in Selections from His Writings, Alfred Adler first presented his views on the importance of birth-order position in 1918.

Alfred Adler was the founder of Individual Psychology, and one of the early pioneers of modern psychotherapy along with Freud and Jung.

It was his belief that children of the same family aren’t formed in the same environment. While much is the same for all children living under the same roof, each child has a different and very individual psychological situation, because of the order of their succession.

Interesting, no?

Adler states that it’s not the child’s number in the order of successive births which influences character, but the situation into which they are born and the way that they interpret it.

For instance…
If the oldest child is foolish or suppressed, the second child might develop a style of life similar to that of an “oldest child” (read on to see what this entails). And, in a big family, if two children are born much later than their older siblings and grow up separated from them, the elder of the two may develop like a first-born/oldest child. The latter sometimes being the case with twins.

Check out the following descriptions, summarized from Adler’s writings. Which are you? Does the description fit? Sound like any of your siblings, spouse/significant other, kids?

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