Summertime Hair + A 900 Number “Growing Up” Story.

Merelymarie Hair

Merelymarie Hair Back

Ruby Woo

I meant to post these “Day 2″ hair photos awhile ago.

This is how my hair looked the day after I did that mohawk braid out. I just spritz my hair with some water, fluffed the top with my fingers, and brushed the sides downward.

I haven’t styled my hair since.

“Wash & Go” ‘fo lyfe for the summatime! LOL Husband and I jammed out to some Fresh Prince the other night, so…yeah. Listening to “Summertime“, we couldn’t help but think of that Family Guy spoof on Will Smith’s noble rapping style.

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Braid Out “Frohawk” Photo Tutorial.

Frohawk Tutorial

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Hair Talk.

Braid Out with Shaved Sides

So. What’s going on with your hair?

Are you trying something new for Spring and Summer?

I’ve cut mine again. Sides, back and top.

Before that, I did this (more mohawk-ish) style. It’s a braid out.

I may do a photo tutorial. If you’re interested in seeing that, just let me know.

BGLH Feature.

bglh feature

Black Girl Long Hair is a very helpful site. Inspirational! It especially was for me in the earliest days of my hair growth journey. It’s one thing to hear about something, but often times it’s more helpful when you can actually see it.

I’m happy to be featured on BGLH as a natural hair style icon, and I welcome you to my blog if you’re here as a result.

Welcome! :)

From time to time, I enjoy doing hair posts. But. MerelyMarie is about so much more than hair.

You can read more about me & this blog here.

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19-Hour Straight Hair: Products + Process.

short natural hair flat ironed

mizani thermasmooth

Can shampoo/conditioner expire?

I pulled some old Mizani shampoo & conditioner from the back of the cabinet (I think I’ve had them for about 3 years. Eek!). They appeared “safe” to use, and had no weird smell, so…

I straightened my hair with them.

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The “Take Down”: A Bantu Knot Out Photo Tutorial.

bantu knot out take down photo tutorial

If you missed the photo tutorial on how to make bantu knots, check it out here!

For better bantu knot out results, please keep the following in mind:

  • If the hair is damp during the “take down”, there will be frizz. Make sure the knots are completely dry.
  • To release the knots, it’s better to find the ends, then gently unwrap in the opposite direction of the wound coil. (My hair isn’t long, so I just tug & pull to release the knots. If you do this, please note: it creates frizz.)
  • For a more defined look, don’t comb/pick/tease the hair past the roots. Do, for a more natural look.
  • Step 3 is completely optional.

Okay. Let’s get into it…

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Making the Knot: A Bantu Knot Out Photo Tutorial.

bantu knots mohawk hair cut

For better bantu knot out results, please keep the following in mind:

  • Start on freshly washed & conditioned hair.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner, or your choice styling product.
    (I used Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner)
  • Don’t make parts with a comb. Just grab random sections of hair.
    (I like to imagine the structure of a honeycomb, placed on my head, when setting any kind of “out style”. It’s easier to disguise parts.)
  • Use a bobby pin to secure the knot, if it doesn’t stay in place.

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