Hair Update.


Long time, no hair post. I've been very, very, VERY content with my hair. Lol So, I haven't been doing anything new with it, really. This is the first time I've given myself an undercut. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, using the clippers on my own head. Having … [Read more...]

Jane Carter Creamy Conditioning Cleanser Review.

Jane Carter Creamy Conditioning Cleanser Review

I don't usually like trying new stuff on my hair, but when I saw Jane Carter had a new product line out at Target, I was curious. I've been using her hair products for years and generally like them. After a few years of using the same bottle of Jane Carter shampoo I finally … [Read more...]

Hair Talk.

Braid Out with Shaved Sides

So. What's going on with your hair? Are you trying something new for Spring and Summer? I've cut mine again. Sides, back and top. Before that, I did this (more mohawk-ish) style. It's a braid out. I may do a photo tutorial. If you're interested in seeing that, just … [Read more...]