11 Fresh Salad Ideas.

Pasta Salad Recipe on MerelyMarie

Here are several delicious salad recipes and ideas!

Share, make, and devour.

1. Pasta Salad. Aromatic/herb-y.

Quick Tip…
Use rice pasta for a wheat-free pasta salad.

Chicken Salad Recipe on MerelyMarie
2. Chicken Salad with Red Grapes and Pecans. Light, yet filling!

Quick Tip…
Make this on Sunday, and you’ll have great lunch (or dinner) prepared for the next couple of days.

3. Caprese. Fast. Simple.

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Food Ideas After Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

Foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction

Except for the pudding, this is pretty much what I ate while recovering from having all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. 

Not pictured is this bottled protein shake by Bolthouse Farms. I drank a lot of that (the chocolate flavored one) since I couldn’t really chew and get nourishment from any type of meat. I heard scrambled eggs was good to consume but, I don’t like eating plain eggs (without any meat on the side). I couldn’t really taste the protein powder that’s in it. It tasted like chocolate milk to me.

The cream of rice was good. First time trying that. I switched back and forth between that and oatmeal for breakfast, with a banana, water and about a cup of that protein shake. I’m still watching my wheat/gluten-intake so, the rice was a good option over cream of wheat. It had the same consistency.

Lunch and dinner was usually soup or baked/mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes was a nifty change up from regular ‘ole potatoes. Husband made me this fantastic, fresh cream of asparagus soup. It was really good! The recipe doesn’t use a ton of cream to thicken it up and make it creamy. The addition of fresh sauteed asparagus blended with potatoes did though. I will be making that one again.

Sometimes I had more cream of rice for lunch. To give it some flavor, I added a bit of chicken bouillon base to the boiling water. Nothing spectacular taste-wise. Just something different.

In between “meals”, I snacked on bananas, JELLO, applesauce (which I choked down…is it just me or does applesauce taste like blood?) and delicious banana & greek yogurt smoothies.

Oh, and vanilla Frosties from Wendy’s were the best! The best.

What foods did you eat after having teeth pulled?

4 Great “Indoor BBQ” Ideas. Let It Rain!

Indoor BBQ Recipe Ideas

Don’t let the possibility of rain ruin your holiday.

Great BBQ can be had indoors, without a grill!

Try these succulent oven ribs. They have a very flavorful rub and taste just as good without any BBQ sauce.

Craving a tasty “pulled” sandwich? Try these BBQ pulled pork and chicken recipes!

In Chicago, and don’t feel like cooking? Stop by Smoque! But, be sure to call first to make sure they’re open.

Coming Up: Ground Turkey Gyro Recipe.

Homemade Gyro Recipe

Like gyros? Don’t like lamb?

Stay tuned!

I found an outstanding recipe for restaurant-quality gyro meat that uses ground turkey instead of lamb.

Big Blueberry Banana Muffins.

Blueberry Banana Muffin Recipe

Jumbo Blueberry Banana Muffin

Same recipe. Bigger muffin!

I used a 6-cup muffin tin, instead of a 12-cup, and baked an additional 8-10 minutes.

The Great Sweet Potato Stalk.

Sweet Potato Sprout

So. I have this sweet potato in my kitchen.

When I bought it, it was a smooth, firm, and this deliciously bright orangey-red color.

A couple weeks later, it grew eyes.

A week or two more, the eyes started to grow something else. Stalks? Whatever they are, I’ve never seen this before. We’re curious to see how tall this thing can grow!

If planted outside, would it grow more sweet potatoes? Or, better yet, a humungous sweet potato stalk?! I like to imagine the latter. Growing as wide as a sequoia. Up, up, UP and into the clouds!

If you saw this in real-life (like in a forest preserve), would you climb up?

Two Cool Coffee Finds!

Trader Joes Espresso Orly Coffee

Trader Joes Espresso Bean Chocolate

Coffee Break

  1. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are so darn good! I’ve never eaten actual coffee beans before. The sound of doing so seemed odd, and yucky. But, all that passed after the first bite! This chocolate is good, and the espresso bean adds these nifty little pieces of crunch. Yummy! It’s impossible to eat just one. After 8 or 9, you definitely feel more awake! 10, and you’ll be singing and dancing around with feelings of sunshine in your heart. You probably shouldn’t eat more than 10.
  2. Orly Nail Lacquer. The color is called Coffee Break, and I dig it! This is the first Orly nail polish that I’ve tried. More details to come later.