Brown Bag Lunch Has New life!

brownberry multigrain bread

brownberry bread

This bread has changed the way we feel about sandwiches.

I’m not talking about a nicely stacked, submarine sandwich. On a finely toasted french roll. With hot peppers on the side.

I’m talking about 2 slices of bread, a piece of meat, cheese, and lettuce. Tomato. If you feel like slicing one. A regular ole’ cold cut sandwich.

It never really made us excited for lunch. Until, we couldn’t find our regular wheat bread at Target last week, and decided to try Brownberry.

Brownberry Healthy Multi-Grain Bread.

It’s soft. It has a nice flavor. The texture isn’t “too grainy”. It makes me want to make a sandwich. And, cut a tomato!

What’s your favorite sandwich bread? Have you tried Brownberry?

What to bake on Christmas Morning?

Cinnamon rolls or pecan sticky buns? Either way, your family will love you!

Don’t want to spend all Christmas morning in the kitchen? Prepare the dough the night before.

Shape the rolls, put them in the pan, cover with plastic wrap & refrigerate. In the morning, allow the rolls to proof on the counter. Or, let them sit inside the oven (just make sure the oven is NOT on). When the rolls have doubled in size (or, they have expanded enough to touch each other), they’re ready for baking!

Restaurant Recommendation: Primehouse.

David Burkes Primehouse
616 North Rush at Ontario • Chicago, IL

To celebrate our anniversary, we went here for dinner.

55 day dry aged ribeye. Delicious!

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Fried Sweet Potato Fries.

Hot. Crispy. Sweet. And, delicious!

Deep-frying fries always delivers that crunchy goodness. Always.

I used this oven-baked recipe but, (feeling naughty) I slipped the cut & cornstarch coated sweet potatoes into a pot of hot vegetable oil, and fried them until they turned golden brown.


Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato.

If you’re following MM on Instagram, than you probably know my frustration with Pre-Thanksgiving dinners.

Those 2 or 3 nights before the Big Meal, what do you eat?

For us, it’s been sandwiches & hotdogs.


It’s snack time!

…Which do you reach for when snacking? What specific snack is your favorite?

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Fresh Fruit Parfait.

  • Fruit.
  • Non-fat plain yogurt.
  • Fresh, homemade granola.
  • Maybe a drizzle of honey.

It’s perfect!

Great for breakfast. Or, dessert.

The granola recipe is here on the way…stay tuned!