11 Fresh Salad Ideas.

merelymarie pasta salad

Here are several delicious salad recipes and ideas! Share, make, and devour. 1. Pasta Salad. Aromatic/herb-y. Quick Tip... Use rice pasta for a wheat-free pasta salad. 2. Chicken Salad with Red Grapes and Pecans. Light, yet filling! Quick Tip... Make this on Sunday, … [Read more...]

Food Ideas After Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

Foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction

Except for the pudding, this is pretty much what I ate while recovering from having all four of my wisdom teeth extracted.  Not pictured is this bottled protein shake by Bolthouse Farms. I drank a lot of that (the chocolate flavored one) since I couldn't really chew and get … [Read more...]

4 Great “Indoor BBQ” Ideas. Let It Rain!

Indoor BBQ Recipe Ideas

Don't let the possibility of rain ruin your holiday. Great BBQ can be had indoors, without a grill! Try these succulent oven ribs. They have a very flavorful rub and taste just as good without any BBQ sauce. Craving a tasty "pulled" sandwich? Try these BBQ pulled pork … [Read more...]

The Great Sweet Potato Stalk.

Sweet Potato Sprouting

So. I have this sweet potato in my kitchen. When I bought it, it was a smooth, firm, and this deliciously bright orangey-red color. A couple weeks later, it grew eyes. A week or two more, the eyes started to grow something else. Stalks? Whatever they are, I've never seen … [Read more...]

Two Cool Coffee Finds!

Trader Joes Espresso Orly Coffee

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are so darn good! I've never eaten actual coffee beans before. The sound of doing so seemed odd, and yucky. But, all that passed after the first bite! This chocolate is good, and the espresso bean adds these nifty little pieces … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Options.

Chopped Salad Recipe

No wheat, corn, egg, or potato. For two weeks. I did slip up twice, accidentally cooking with cornstarch and drinking 7-Up (which has corn syrup in it) but, WHEW...I'm glad that's over! Here's some of what I ate: Oven BBQ Ribs, and Macaroni & Cheese with Spicy … [Read more...]