What are you gonna do with your life?

What Sparks the Light in You

I like the little inspirational quotes on the Starbucks cups lately.

Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world. – Oprah Winfrey

This one especially speaks to me right now – in Oprah’s voice – because, I’ve been feeling all over the place. Just completely without focus, no matter how many “To Do” lists I write, or plans I make, or goals I accomplish.

When I think about the question, “What sparks the light in you?“, my answer is so frustratingly broad. Frustrating because, “specific” feels required.


Being creative sparks the light in me and yet, there are many, many different ways to be creative!

I like blogging. I like food & cooking. I like taking pictures. I like writing. I like putting stuff together, presentation. Design.

I love learning.

Knowledge sometimes feels like an addictive need, especially when an idea arrests the mind. Doesn’t it?
When it’s not enough to know something, but you also have to know every minute detail about it. Whatever it is. You research and read a lot; books and Google search results. You visit certain places to learn more, or experience it live in person. Talk to people who are familiar or well-versed about it, join online communities, etc.

There’s always a thirst for more.

Has Professional Student become an occupation yet? I mean, come on…it’s 2014! Wouldn’t that be awesome work, getting paid to learn? But then, that wouldn’t exactly be “illuminating the world” so much as your own mind. Still, I’d take that position in a heartbeat and possibly pay it forward by counseling others over Christmas and Spring break. 😀

All this to say, sometimes I feel the need for a single focus. To have a specific thing to direct and focus my attention towards and master it like…a Master. I think that would be great!

And yet, the idea of having a single focus seems like setting all other interests on the back burner.

“Would you rather do multiple things fairly well or one thing superbly?” actually feels like the more pressing question.


It’s exhausting pondering the future.

I never used to worry about any of this.

Now, it feels like I’m constantly being bombarded with yet another question: “What are you gonna do with your life?

My current – an indignant – answer: “I don’t know, now quit asking and leave me alone so I can continue life as I did before; wandering and completely content!

Would you rather do multiple things fairly well or one thing superbly? What sparks the light in you?


  1. Marie says

    It is funny! What a “coincidence”!!!! Yesterday, I was asking me this question: what do you want to do with your life?
    I am a bit confused lately! I am traveling for 15 months. At 33 years old, I make my biggest dream comes true: traveling around the world. It is nearly the end of my travels. On the 22nd of August I am coming back home to France.
    So I was asking myself: what do you want to do now? Do you want to settle down, find a husband, have babies…? The answer came from a friend! She sent me yesterday a single sentence email: have you ever thought about doing the Mongol Rally? I googled it and in less than 10 seconds I was already dreaming about it and had a ton of shiny stars in my eyes!
    So now, I know what makes my heart go badaboum, what sparks the light in me big time: ADVENTURE, going out of my comfort zone! So now, I know and I am ready (kind of) for the next adventure!

    • says

      Hi Marie! :) I appreciate your comment. I also had to Google Mongol Rally. It does seem like an adventure! I’m curious to know more about your travels and how you went about making them happen. Have you always had an adventurous spirit? It all sounds so cool!

      • Marie says

        Thank you very much!

        I guess everything has started 10 years ago when I did my very first trip very far from home: Australia. The main purpose of this trip was to speak English! But I ended up working as a fille au pair for 6 months and traveled for the rest of the year on the east coast of Australia. I was hooked up to travel.

        After that I went back to France for 3 years where I continue traveling during my vacations.
        Meantime, I succeed to the teacher’s exam. I saw a program where it was possible to teach in Germany. I applied, had been interviewed and recruited for the job. I spent a year over there. I did the same for a job in US and right after Germany, I taught 3 years in Louisiana. I spent all my free time visiting US. I had a blast.
        I knew after the end of my contract, I will have to go back to France and I was thinking about taking a year off to travel a bit. I started saving money and I took off at the beginning of June 2013, right after my last day of school.
        I am lucky: I have a job I like and which gives me the opportunities to travel around.
        But no need to travel far and have a lot of money to have an adventure. It is what I have learnt during this big trip.

        I am not saying having a husband and babies it is not an adventure! I think it will be maybe the biggest adventure of my life if it happens. I am just a bit scared about it right now and freedom and crazy stuffs sound more appealing to me for the moment!

        About the Mongol rally, we are still thinking about it with my friends! But it is already in my mind. So I need to make it happen!

        What about? Where your next travel is going to take you?

        • says

          Wow, that’s amazing! Thanks for replying and sharing more about your travels and adventures. My next travel will hopefully take me to the beach. Lol The lake is about 40 minutes away from me and I’ve yet to go this summer. I’ve always been somewhat of a homebody, and I enjoy “staycations” and little weekend getaways – nice places that don’t take a lot of time to travel to. Despite it being 10 – 11 hours away, I’d like to visit Hawaii again. I’ve never been to Paris but, in my mind it’s so romantic. So, I want to go there. Someone once told me I’d like London – or was it Rome? – better for that reason. How do you like France? Can you provide me with some insight about Paris?

          • Marie says

            I love this word : staycation! I am definitely going to do some staycations as well this year!
            It is funny that you asked me about Paris because I have promised myself to visit my city as a tourist during this and next year because I don’t know it pretty well and I am a bit ashamed of it!
            I don’t know if I would use the word romantic to describe Paris. A lot of people uses this world to describe it. I don’t know yet. Either you will love Paris or hate it.
            I love it because no matter how long I was away, all the time I am there my heart goes badaboum!
            Sometimes it is unfriendly, rainy, smelly and too expensive. But most of the time is beautiful, lovely and comfy!
            London for me is totally different: it is crazy! And I love it too in a different way!
            Anyhow, the best way to “judge” is to come over to Paris and London. The cities are linked by Eurostar (a fast train) in only 3 hours.
            Come to say “bonjour”!

          • says

            Feel free to email me (merelymarie@gmail.com) and let me know how being a tourist in your own city goes. I really enjoy doing that from time to time in Chicago…I may have to do a blog post on it one day! Lol Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Marie says

    I will!
    Yeah, you should write about Chicago. It is one of my favorite cities in US with San Francisco, New York and New Orleans.