Makeup Collection, Everyday Face Products + Mixed Feelings about Makeup.

Minimal Makeup Stash

Someone asked me awhile back about my makeup collection and how it’s grown since trying out bright lipsticks.

Welp…this is it! Lol

My makeup stash has not grown, except for this Revlon eyebrow pencil I recently picked up from Target. I may do a review at some point.

I’ve like clear eyebrow gel and have used it for a few years now. This Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara from Elf gets the job done. One side is for eyebrows and the other for eyelashes. I use both for my brows. 1 dollar at Target. After awhile the tubes do get thick and cloudy-looking. What clear brow gel doesn’t? Please let me know, if you know of one.

MAC Ruby Woo and Candy Yum-Yum lipsticks round out my sad, little makeup “collection”. Ha! As you can see, it doesn’t warrant the need for a makeup bag. It all pretty much stays in the bathroom drawer.

Everyday Facial Products

Let’s talk everyday face!

I’m very minimal with products. No makeup, except for my dear, dear eyebrow gel. Wait, does that count? Lol Actually, I don’t wear it everyday.

Nivea Mint & Mineral “lip chap”. I think they changed the ingredients. It doesn’t moisturize my lips like it used to. I have to reapply it throughout the day. Boo. Know any good petroleum-free lip balms? Preferably ones that don’t smell like Carmex. I’m still sad Neutrogena Naturals lip balm went away. It worked so well for me.

Everyday–twice a day–I use CeraVe’s PM facial lotion. Good stuff! Not too heavy, not too light.


My feelings about makeup in general are mixed.

On the one hand, I think it’s fun and I can appreciate the aesthetics of the different shades & colors, and how they can create a certain look–HELLO “Smokey-Eyes”!

On the other, I don’t like the idea of it making me look “prettier/sexier/more beautiful”. That Ruby Woo lipstick does this to me and I don’t like it! Lol

I feel like my face, is my face. I know my uneven skin tone, vitiligo spot, acne scars and growing smile lines are still there each night I go to bed. So, the thought of covering them up during the day just feels, I don’t know, silly? Pointless?

Plus, I’m concerned that if–or when–I get into the foundations and mascaras, eyeliners and other stuff, I’ll become hooked. I think, over time I’d grow so accustomed to seeing myself “made up”–even if it’s a minimal “natural look”–that going makeup-less would make me feel “less than pretty”. Know what I mean? I already feel hooked on clear eyebrow gel. Geeze! LOL

I don’t know…

Men don’t have to deal with this mess. My husband and I were talking about this the other night. We couldn’t figure out a male equivalent to makeup.

Anyway, to my point about my “downsides” of makeup…I guess the same could be said for other things. Nail polish. Lingerie. Pumps. A nice outfit…but, we all have to wear clothes, no?

I feel like I’ve just talked myself into a circle.


  1. says

    This made me chuckle because I totally understand. I never used to wear makeup, now I never leave the house without a full face. If you love your natural face, do not get hooked on foundation! My skin is decent, but the uneven skin tone makes me reach for foundation every time now.
    Anyway, what does brow gel do? Never even tried it but if it helps apply my brow powder better then I’m willing.

    • Yasmin says

      Your experiences with makeup are similar to my own. I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 21. At 21, I got my 1st real job and felt like makeup would help me look older and more professional. Now, at 27 I cant leave the house without a full face of makeup. It is like the normal flaws I always had are more pronounced to me now that I´m used to seeing myself with full makeup. And it doesn’t help that foundations and other products have also caused additional imperfections (ie acne, scarring).

  2. Dannielle says

    Lol. I get you. I’m not a fan of make-up because I’m terrified of it “melting” off my face in the hot sun. But, it’s great to have that flawless look and accentuate facial features. Btw… I never even knew that clear mascara existed!!!! Where have I been living????

  3. Kimberly J says

    I’m like your other reader where I’m scared my “face” will come off in some embarrassing situation (ie. I lean in for a hug and leave a face print on someone’s OOTD LOL). I need to learn how to properly apply everything before I can leave the house confident in that I don’t look crazy :).

  4. tharjye says

    I just started getting into makeup at the age of 35 I was the type that always said I don’t need to wear makeup but if you can see my collection now you would think I’ve been wearing it for yrs that’s what youtube would do to you lol…..I love your stash because you have the basics and that all you need I wish I would have stuck to the basics but now I’m a makeup junkie!

    • says

      Hey, if you like it…I think you’re fine. I wouldn’t say I’m a junkie but, I do have more bottles than I need of nail polish. I may do a post on that at some point…Thanks Tharjye!

  5. Aliya says

    I completely agree with you about wearing a full face of makeup. I sometimes fear that if I start wearing the complete package as far as makeup goes I will get addicted to how I look and become uncomfortable going without it. For everyday wear, if I feel like it, mascara and maybe eyeliner/shadow. Usually I don’t wear anything at all but I might have to try the clear eyebrow gel. I work as a nurse in the OR so most of my workday is spent wearing a mask. Also I have very sensitive skin and breakout easily so I find wearing some kind of makeup everyday can become irritating over time.
    As for a non-petroleum based chap stick I use Badger cocoa butter lip balm in creamy cocoa, I think there is also a vanilla flavor as well. One thing though, I feel like it’ s kind of expensive for a balm. Usually I see it for about 5.99 but the stick does last a while. Plus it has really good ingredients which is important not only because I’m eating it (not on purpose, just how it works out and we all do it) but I have broken out from every other kind of balm I’ve ever tried.

  6. Cassandra says

    I am really not pretty at all. I wear very little makeup because I look like a boy wearing makeup. Be never worn lipstick or eyeshadow. Just concealer, clear eyelash/brow gel and some light blush. Anything else looks really wrong.

  7. says

    Lol, part of me wishes that my makeup collection was that small and the other part of me would wrestle anyone who’d try to make my collection that small.

    I wear makeup when I feel like it (full face) though I try not to use too much especially everyday. I’ve found that people often comment on my appearance when I’m made up by assuming I’m out to impress someone (which I’m not … makeup has an expiry date you know and times a wastin). I’m definitely at one with my face, I accept how I look without it and I know its limitations (it doesn’t pay bills or cook or clean for me).

    Yet I do love it, its like shoes or jewellery and any other adornment that you can just take off. I just use it sometimes for the sake of using it up (*expiration date) and then at other times I want to express myself e.g. create a certain ‘look’.

    I really don’t take myself too seriously with or without makeup … I don’t try to hide every flaw and I opt for the less is more approach.

    Oh I love posts like this – I like hearing other peoples opinions about what makeup ‘means’ to them and seeing their stash (especially small ones – oh I wish I had the discipline!).

    Onto chapsticks – I’m a Nivea girl all the way but yeah the formulas seem to have changed. I think Apvita Chammoile lip balm is great (all natural with SPF included) not sure where you can get it in the US though?

    Anyway loved the post … as usual I talk far too much in comments – I hope you’re well :)!

    • says

      Aww…wish I could try the lip balm alas, I’m allergic to chamomile. Sucks. :( Thanks anyway for recommending and for sharing your experience/thoughts about makeup. Glad you enjoyed the post.