Food Ideas After Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

Foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction

Except for the pudding, this is pretty much what I ate while recovering from having all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. 

Not pictured is this bottled protein shake by Bolthouse Farms. I drank a lot of that (the chocolate flavored one) since I couldn’t really chew and get nourishment from any type of meat. I heard scrambled eggs was good to consume but, I don’t like eating plain eggs (without any meat on the side). I couldn’t really taste the protein powder that’s in it. It tasted like chocolate milk to me.

The cream of rice was good. First time trying that. I switched back and forth between that and oatmeal for breakfast, with a banana, water and about a cup of that protein shake. I’m still watching my wheat/gluten-intake so, the rice was a good option over cream of wheat. It had the same consistency.

Lunch and dinner was usually soup or baked/mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes was a nifty change up from regular ‘ole potatoes. Husband made me this fantastic, fresh cream of asparagus soup. It was really good! The recipe doesn’t use a ton of cream to thicken it up and make it creamy. The addition of fresh sauteed asparagus blended with potatoes did though. I will be making that one again.

Sometimes I had more cream of rice for lunch. To give it some flavor, I added a bit of chicken bouillon base to the boiling water. Nothing spectacular taste-wise. Just something different.

In between “meals”, I snacked on bananas, JELLO, applesauce (which I choked down…is it just me or does applesauce taste like blood?) and delicious banana & greek yogurt smoothies.

Oh, and vanilla Frosties from Wendy’s were the best! The best.

What foods did you eat after having teeth pulled?


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    You’re not going to believe this but I was eating burger and fries after my extraction, and yes I had all four teeth pulled at once.

    My brother came to pick me up at the dentist office and for some reason I was starving! I was still a little loopy from being knocked out, and he was going to take me home for some soup. I said no way, lets go get some burgers. He couldn’t believe I could sit there eating that after my extraction, because his own extraction was quite painful and he had the chipmunk cheeks for a few days.

    I called the dentist and actually asked why wasn’t I swollen or in a lot of pain like my brother and he said my extraction was fairly easy, all the teeth had grown in with no problems, it was as simple as pulling a kids tooth, in fact I didn’t really need to have them remove.

    Hope things have gotten better for you – I’m sure you’ll be back to eating crunchy foods in no time (lol)!!!

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      You’re not going to believe this…but, I was sedated too and when I woke up I remember asking for a hamburger. LOL There was no way I could’ve eaten it. Recovery was S-L-O-W because of how my teeth were coming in kinda angled. When I could eat good again, burgers were first on the list.

      Glad you had a easy go with having your teeth extracted.

  2. Tonia says

    I was single and on Active Duty when I got mine pulled, so I lived on ramen and Progresso soups. Vanilla ice cream stirred until it was the consistency of soft serve was my favorite! I also ate anything my friends brought by from the dining hall. Among those items were things like soft-boiled eggs, mashed bananas and pudding.

  3. Navin says

    On top of those pain medication they give you, you may wanna consider gulping Arnica Montana, Chammomilla and hypericum homeopathy alternatives immediately after the extraction. You can find these on natural health food stores. These immediately starts repairing any nerve damage and get rid of facial numbness quicker. I knew of those remedies, yesterday got mine out , it was deep under the gum, little complicated and horizontally impacted but surgeon was great and took care of it. Numbness on my lower lip and chin lasted till late afternoon, and after that I was able to feel it back.

    They told me to be on liquid diet like milk shake and yogurt for few days. But I got blender for me to do the chew job, whatever I loved, I blended and liquified it. I made sure no seeds on it though. Day 1, I started on 2 bananas, yogurt, protein powder, almond milk, rice water fortified w/calcium as breakfast. Immediately after that I blended/liquified avacado, whole lot of spinach, coconut water and drank it. For lunch I softened oatmeal under boiled water, carrot juice, avacado again, boiled/peeled sweet potatoes , blended it and drank it. At night, I drank same breakfast style protein shake with whole lot of yogurt blended. I didn’t miss my daily multivitamins including liver tonic like liv52, and other magnesium, B2 supplements. Pain killers hit hard on your liver n kidney, make sure you’ve some back support out there for these. Lots of yogurt to counter antibiotic or else you may have tiresome bouts of diarrhea.

    So, let blender do the job folks. I’m blending scrambled eggs today for different taste. I know it sounds yucky and tasteless, but hey, right down the throat its the nutrients we need, who cares about taste when it comes to nutrients to supplement your body in such trauma.

    Am on Day 2 and I’m already feeling I can chew anything. Swelling is almost insignificant.

    One more thing, I had to remove that wisdom tooth because of my invisalign treatment which was aligning my teeth and in the course it caused irritation back there, I had no choice but to remove it. I wore my invisalign right after the sugery approx. 1-2 hours later after all that gauze and swishing.

    Best of luck,

    I hope someone will find this informative. You don’t have to rely on just milk and yogurt, just blend it and drink. Believe me, you’ll feel lot better than what you would if were stuck with just plain liquid stuffs.

    • says

      Thank you for sharing your experience! Using the blender is a great tip for getting more nutrients into your system from foods that are otherwise difficult to eat after having dental surgery.