The ‘Hawk.

I dig it!


Husband shaved my hair. Again.
This time, into a friggin’ mohawk fro-hawk!

The style was mostly his idea. Though, he says I was pretty much there already, with the last hair cut.
I had the clear mind to just get a trim. Sides & back only. The length in those areas had grown out, long enough to do twists. About 3 inches. I didn’t mind seeing it go. I’d just wanted to keep all my hair on top. When pulled taut, it reaches my nose. Long enough to do some nice bangs or purrty curls, if I want.

The idea of a ‘hawk seemed a little “out there” for my tastes, but I decided to entertain Mr. Marie. Plus, he has cut my hair before (& he cuts/shaves his own).
I trusted his skill.

Still…when the clippers went silent, I felt pleasantly surprised.
I had to holster my prepared notion to tell him to hack off the back of the ‘hawk (which would pretty much give me the cut I had before, only more tapered); ’cause, I liked it!

The new cut suits my current style move, and growing disinterest in styling my hair. Since it’s cut in a style, I don’t really have to “style” it…you know what I mean? Shampoo & deep condition. And that’s pretty much it!
For really shiny (but, “grease-less” feeling) hair, I sometimes like to run Condition & Sculpt (Jane Carter) through it.

Less feels so lovely. 😀
I still might go for a complete buzz cut one of these days.


What’s going on with your hair?

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  1. ChocolateOrchid says

    Love it! I can definitely relate to the “growing disinterest in styling my hair”.
    You are so fortunate that your hubby can cut yours.

    I just went back to the barbershop yesterday and had it “shadowed” as they called it. Basically, faded on the sides and back with only a little taken off the top. Think I’m gonna grow it into a short tapered twa for the fall/winter and get it colored. Then cut it all off again, in the spring, to a low, close-cut all over.
    I’m really enjoying this super short hair.

    Wishing you the best with yours & life.

  2. says

    Oooh girl – it’s funny that you post this, because I just cut my hair a few weeks ago too! My hair is MUCH shorter on the sides, but I have even less on top. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cut on you – it’s so edgy and fierce! I also love that your hubby is so supportive of you with your short hair. I have to be honest and say I’m a teeny weeny bit self-conscious about me with my short hair, but I’m just going to rock it. Anyway – thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Stacy says

    I also wanted to add that it was you that gave me courage to cut my hair months ago. I was afraid that I’d look ugly and boyish. I’m glad I ignored those thoughts. I get tons of compliments from men and women alike. Compliments or not-I love my hair!

  4. says

    Love it! I am growing my twa out to wear in a pixie cut(flat ironed) and curly. I have not blown it out since the 2nd chop. When the fall weather sets in for a while I plan on getting a blow out, cut and flat iron.

    Enjoy your simplistic and stylish cut!

  5. Crisa says

    I’m on the late freight with this, but this look was absolutely adorable on you! If I weren’t an accountant, and if it were socially acceptable to wear this look in my workplace without being asked a gazillion questions, I’D TOTALLY ROCK THIS LOOK TOO! Fab!