Starbucks Versus Gevalia: Home Taste Test.

Some months ago, I discovered Gevalia!

The yellow bag called out to me, in Target. Mostly because there was a red “sale” tab underneath it. Yellow & red amongst a sea of neutrals. It’s just impossible to overlook.

Anyway, I’d never had Gevalia coffee before. I don’t think. But, reading the bag’s description, I thought it sounded great to try. “Medium/Dark. Robust, incredibly smooth”.
Sure, I’ll take it!


I like Starbucks. Yes, their coffee is very strong. But, I enjoy a stronger coffee.

And when it’s (not bordering on burnt or burnt :(, but) brewed fresh & properly, it’s darn tasty!

I’m referring to a particular Starbucks blend.

Pike Place!

Dark, rich, nutty, & very smooth.

I picked up a bag of it (also from Target) to try at home.


Gevalia House Blend. Starbucks Pike Place.

Both bags are medium blends.
But, which tastes better?

Note: I made each cup the same:
• 2 heaping spoonfuls of grounds, to 1 cup.
Pour-over method.
• Cream (I daydream, often, of walking into a cafe and saying the words, “I’ll have small coffee. Black.” I actually did. Once. Saying the words felt amazing, but tasting the coffee…Bleh! Without hesitation, I headed for the “fixings” counter.).

For this taste test…what I’m looking for, is coffee that is on the darker side of medium, with a very low acidity…smooth finish. And a nice flavor.


So, let’s get to the results!


It was close, but I have to give the ribbon to…Starbucks.

Both Gevalia & Starbucks were smooth. But, Gevalia had Starbucks beat! “Incredibly smooth” indeed! It virtually had no bite, however, it was missing the body to back it up. The blend didn’t taste “medium/dark”, but rather light.
Still enjoyable though.

The store-bag Pike Place is very close to the brew, you’ll find in-store. It definitely tastes closer to the darker side  of medium. Smooth, with great body & good flavor.
Very enjoyable!


By the way, did you know that if you bring in the empty bag to a Starbucks location, you can get a free coffee?

What’s your favorite store-brand coffee?
Have you tried Gevalia House Blend? Starbucks Pike Place?

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      • matt says

        As a starbucks barista, I feel obligated to suggest both out veranda and willow blonde roasts, very mild in comparison to our roasts, “normal” to american coffee, but with a still full body that gives a supersmooth finish. I would also recommend trying the other medium roasts, for a more nutty taste, and a very clean finish, I love the Yukon Blend. Another terrific one is the Guatemala- Antigua blend, a South American coffee with a citrus undertone and a tight crisp body. Point is we have options, and if you’re buying from a starbucks cafe, we all know our coffees, inside and out. We also have special baristas, called coffee masters, who can help you pair any coffee with the occasion, based on what is served, etc. and who know EVERYTHING about all of our at-home offerings

    • MerelyMarie says

      Yes. Gevalia’s smooth finish, simply wasn’t enough. If it was as medium/dark as the label claimed, it might’ve tied.
      Starbucks was actually more medium/dark, smooth, and just tasted better.

  1. Kelley says

    just had the Gevalia coffee using the pour over method also, very very very bland, like where’s the flavor at? there’s no ‘kick’ to it

    shoulda bought Starbucks :)