I’ve always wanted to try shorts with tights.

Blouse: Forever 21 • Sweater: J.Crew • Shorts: Anthropologie • Legwear: Berkshire Tights • Boots: Gee Wawa • Bag: Coach • Bracelets: Gifts from my sister

Twist Out/Braid Out Combo

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  1. Monique says

    fabulous lady! glad you gave it a go your are so beautiful! the shoes the purse the mint top the tights well executed!

  2. simplychic says

    i'm hating on you for being able to pull off color tights :-/ i love it! you have made them look so sophisticated, but when i do it i look like a kid/

  3. Just Daisy says

    Wow, Marie this is my favorite outfit yet.

    The berry colors are so deep and fun–I really want to try shorts and tights too!

    I;m so taking notes from you, great shoes, and a perfect smile!



  4. says

    I don’t know where to start my Dear… first of all, the coach bag classic is just so perfect in its simplicity and at the same time is says soooo much… the shorts with berry tights great combo… beautiful blouse with minty sweater…not to mention the shoes!!!every piece is great!!!you rock this outfit!!!