Relaxed Hair Regimen: A walk down Memory Mane.

Here’s how I took care of my relaxed hair, minus the relaxer application.

Relaxer touch ups:
About every 12 weeks. My sister did my touch ups.
Relaxer of choice:
Beautiful Beginnings, fine hair. When every store within a 2 mile radius of home was out of my “BB”, I cried first, then picked up a box of Organic Root Stimulator No-Lye, normal.

2007 air dried foam roller set
2007 roller set
2008 roller set
2009 roller set

The First 8 Weeks after a relaxer touchup…
Except for using ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Paks on occasion (these smelled so good), I used mostly Mizani products.

Botanifying Shampoo
Moisturefuse Conditioner 
ThermaStrength Serum
High Gloss Serum
H20 Hair Dress 

• Washed, Deep conditioned, and (using the Thermastrength Serum) Rollerset my hair & sat under a hooded dryer every week.
• If my roots were puffy, I’d flat iron them; first applying a bit of the high gloss serum.
Style & Maintenance: 
• Wore my hair down curly, virtually every day.
• Maintained curls by pincurling or making a few bantu knots at night.
• Moisturized my hair as needed, during the week with hair dress

After  about 8 Weeks post relaxer…
Mizani Thermasmooth System
Mizani High Gloss Serum & H20 Hair Dress


• Washed, Deep conditioned, and Flat Ironed my hair every week up to my “touch up” date

• Parted my hair to really focus on the roots (new growth) when deep conditioning
• After apply the heat activated serum, I’d allow my hair to airdry for approx. 15 mins
• Blow dried roots, chasing with comb
• Applied a dime size Mizani high gloss serum to my entire head
• Flat ironed with Solia flat iron, on heat setting of about 370
Style & Maintenance:
• Continued to wear my hair down, & on occasion wore some kind of updo
• Made Bantu-knots for loose waves
• Moisturized my hair as needed, during the week with hair dress

I followed this regimen closely for about 2 years. Sometimes using water & coconut oil to moisturize, instead of the Mizani hair dress.

Oh, and virtually every night, I’d wear a satin bonnet to cover my hair or sleep on a satin pillow case.  
Any Questions, or need more Deets, Ask Away…

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  1. simplychic says

    thanks for sharing. i see why your relaxed hair was so healthy…you didn't use excessive heat. i rarely use a flat iron at home, but each time i go to the salon i get it blow dried and flat ironed. maybe i should start doing roller sets. again. they aren't that popular in cali, but i got them a lot at the dominican salons when i love in atlanta…

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  2. Arabia says

    wow, your hair looks very healthy (pretty). Well i use get a touch up every 6 six with with a deep conditioning as well every six weeks,i then receive trims after my touch up. I’m going to start stretching my perms to 8 weeks, I don’t think I can go twelve weeks besides I think My hair would begin breaking. But wow you have taken great care of your hair own your own also. Is there anything that I’m missing that I should do to make my hair more healthier? Please let me know thanks !

    what do you think?

    • MerelyMarie says

      Thanks! Stretching does help; as well as regular deep conditioning treatments & not using too much heat. Your hair looks nice & healthy! Good job :)