Being who you are, while becoming the person you want to be.

“Just Be Who You Are.”
It sounds like such a “natural” thing. It is said like it’s a “simple” thing to do. But, when you don’t know who you are, it just isn’t natural or simple.

You try to look like this person or act like the next person, and all of a sudden you’re living your life as a pretender.

It really is a lot of work. The daily maintenance of a facade.

Why feel like you need to change yourself at all?
To be liked; accepted by others? 
To fit in with everyone else…at school? At work?? Home???

Decide to no longer live your life this way. Because this way, you’re living it for other people. 
It’s stress. It’s worry, and it’s completely unnecessary. 

Instead of changing who you are and worrying about things you can’t control (i.e., how other people feel about you), consider focusing more on your genuine foundation.  
What individual qualities do you own? What makes you unique & special? What are your dreams? What steps must you take to reach them? What gifts do you have to share with the world? What raw natural talent can you hone to help or share with others? 

This kind of thinking may better serve your sanity & health & life than trying to be or look like somebody your not (just so others around you will feel comfortable), ever will.


  1. jtbrown says

    I swear it seems as though you are inside of my thoughts! We think about some of the same topics/issues. I'm finding it hard to come to terms with who I am because I'm not sure of the person. It's a process and I'm just starting to feel comfortable enough to begin the walk. You don't grow and change in a day…but that's how your brain remembers it.